Auction Progress


With the auction now only a month or so away we’ve all been stepping up the hard work. The Collection team have obtained a good number of signed prints to add to our collection of lots. We’ve all been very grateful for the support of these talented illustrators and their generous donations. It was also very exciting to receive pieces from as far as Singapore! A number of us have then been photographing these pieces, ready to appear on the website and for bidding to begin in March. Make sure you are following us on twitter to get updates on the work as it comes in.

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The Design team have been working on the building of the website which has now gone live!  “As part of the work on the website, it has been a chance to learn and explore designing a website for E-Commerce. Wojciech and I have been working mainly on designing the website with many considerations to the content we should use. These include the brand guidelines for the University, Copywriting, Photography along with the limited knowledge we had of coding and using WordPress . I think we can both say we have learnt a lot from the work we have done.” Matt Finch, Design Team

Finally, this has been a busy period for the Marketing team. As well as using social media to provide updates on our progress we have also been seeking out further donations and methods of promotion. A lot of perseverance was needed when contacting a range of publications or website for this. However, we recently heard back from The AOI who have agreed to promote the event on their blog and social media. We’re very excited about this and hope that it will generate a good amount of interest for us!

If you would like to donate some work to us so that it can appear in this great line up please use our contact email. It needn’t be signed prints – we are more than happy to receive books and other types of creative work. We’ll be happy to hear from you and discuss this further.


Blink Auction 2015

For us final year Graphic Design and Illustration students and University Campus Suffolk, the time to prepare for our Degree Show has come around quickly. It will be a chance to sell ourselves as designers, demonstrate our talent and show what the course at UCS is all about. This can’t be done well without money and Blink Auction 2015 is how we plan to raise those funds.

It will be a student-organised online auction. An excellent selection of donated work from international Illustrators, Designers and Graphic artists will be available for the public to bid on from our website. The website is expected to go live in January 2015 and you will be able to see the lots as they come in. March 2015 is when we expect for the auction to be underway.

In order for things to run smoothly we split the year group into three teams; branding, collection and marketing. The branding team have been working on the visual look of the auction and its supporting media. The collection team have been contacting illustrators and designers to obtain the lots. Finally, the marketing team will continue to be in charge of relaying the group’s progress to the public through social media and press releases at a later stage. Make sure you are following this blog and our twitter for regular updates on what each team is doing.

This isn’t the first time our year group has worked together to organise an event. Last year we put on an exhibition of design work and the experience really prepared us for what we are doing now. If you go further back through this blog you can see previous posts from that project also.

We hope you enjoy following our progress.

Reflections on the Private View

Well the exhibition is now up in Room 1 of the Arts Building, which hasn’t looked better for a long time. It has certainly brought what recently became a rather dead space back to life again. The preparation on the morning of the private view went smoothly thanks to all of the teams putting the hard work in to make it a success. All of the small tasks involved in getting the pieces on display were a learning experience, especially for those of us that have not seen behind the scenes of an exhibition before. It has also been a nice change for the whole year group to work towards a common goal in a group project. However, this does pose the new challenge of communication amongst sub-teams. We seemed to manage this fairly well though, especially in the last few days leading up to the private view where we all pulled together to get things ready.

Although not many attendees came as a result of our emailed invites, there was still a good turn out. The third year students showed their appreciation on twitter and felt their work was presented in a professional manner. The social aspect of the evening was another good opportunity this project provided. It was a chance to practice our networking skills, which can be essential in the design industry. All in all, the project has been beneficial to us in many ways and made for a really enjoyable evening.

If you attended the private view on Tuesday we hope you enjoyed your time spent with us! The exhibition will be taken down on the 27th of May, so make sure you have a look at the work before then if you haven’t already.


The Day of the Private View

The day of the private view is upon us already, make sure you join us in Room 1 of the Arts building between 5:30 and 7:30pm! Keep an eye on our Twitter account as we will be live-tweeting throughout the day and as the evening goes on – a good way to see what’s happening if you can’t make it today. The work will be exhibited until the 26th of May for anyone that is unable to come tonight – or if you just want an opportunity to better see the work without distraction!

Room 1 is currently undergoing it’s transformation, with all of the teams helping in the preparation. The first jobs of today were to get the Australian boards and blurbs mounted. Now the main task is to decide on the height and placement of the work and get it on the walls ready for everyone to see. A small selection of images from the Twitter feed so far are below. Head on over to to keep up with everything as it happens. We hope to see you all tonight!



Final Preparations

The private view is almost upon us, and it’s a case of setting up ready for the exhibition. Tomorrow, and perhaps some of Tuesday, will consist of everyone working together to hang up the work and set up Room 1, ready for the guests to arrive and view the work of the third year students.

The last two months have flown by, and that may be a cliché, but at the start it felt like we had forever! That’s not to say we’ve been complacent, as part of the Marketing Team, we’ve been putting posters and flyers around campus as well as sending the invites and managing the Twitter account and the Blog.

It’s been an unfamiliar experience to stand back and let someone else do the design work, I think it’s what we’re all used to doing. It has been a very helpful experience so far, we’ve seen how an event like this could be organised in real life, or even how some design firms operate. Not everyone will be the designers, and that’s understandable. In fact, I think it’s made the process a lot simpler, there’s a lot of different opinions and tastes in our group, and so all of us working on one thing would never work, and we’d never get anything else done!

Perhaps one of the early highlights was to see some of the reactions to the design on Twitter, one in particular was to see designer Jon Yeo praising the design, the design team deserve the credit for their hard work.

Perhaps one concern for myself and the rest of the Marketing Team (maybe even the whole class) is how many people will attend from those who were invited. We used a service called Mail Chimp to send out all the e-mails with a consistent template, and we’re able to see how many opens there have been. We sent the second load of invites, a reminder e-mail if you like, and the stats for opens haven’t been as promising as hoped. I guess some e-mails might have fallen down the pile of ever filling inboxes, but I understand a lot of people are busy and have other commitments, that’s just the way it is sometimes.

I look forward to seeing the work in the flesh for the first time tomorrow, and we look forward to welcoming all of you that come to see it.


Graphics Team Update

Since finishing the invite design, which was then transferred to poster and flyer size, the Graphics and Marketing Teams have been working together to decide on numbers of posters and discussing where they should be placed. Their next task was to work up a display board that would be put amongst the exhibition pieces to explain the context. The photo below shows their initial design. They presented it on the screen at a group meeting earlier this week, where we all provided feedback.



Today, the revised and final design was printed, ready to be mounted onto foam board ahead of the view on Tuesday!


Marketing Team Update

We haven’t made a post about the Marketing Team yet, so it’s about time we introduced ourselves. The team consists of Georgina, Jack, Katherine and Kieran. We’ve been the people behind this blog, the twitter and the invites you will have received. With the private view only days away, things have been a lot more hectic for us this week. Read on to find out what preparations have been made over the last few days…

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